About This Blog

In 2006, a few short months after I started writing my first blog, Velvet Sacks, I decided it would be fun to post photos on the blog. I researched digital cameras, picked out an affordable Canon model (not top of the line), and promptly fell in love with photography.

About a year after that I discovered Adobe Photoshop Elements and learned how to tweak my photos to make them better. Now, I'm not claiming to be an expert at either photography or the use of PSE, but I have so much fun playing with my digital images--appreciating the good ones and trying to rescue the not-so-good ones--that that's become a hobby in itself.

This blog is a place where I can post photos that don't necessarily fit in with the other blog or those that are similar to others posted there. I'll also probably repost some pics that have appeared on the other blog, if I especially like them. I won't feel like I'm wasting your time if I repost them here, because, come on, how long does it really take to look at one photo a day?

Also, on this blog I won't feel obligated to write a little sump'm-sump'm explaining why I've chosen to post a particular photo. The images here will either stand or fall on their own.